“If you spend time out on the trails, you’ll see a coyote or two here and there—especially during the morning hours or at dusk.

I used to see them quite often when I ran the Goat Trails, located behind Vons off Highway 111 and Gene Autry Trail. Not only did I see coyotes; I’ve had a couple of one-on-one encounters while running the trails there.

One time, I was on my morning run and was in the wash when I felt a presence. I looked to my right to find a coyote, as big as a shepherd dog, staring right at me while running alongside, about 6 feet away. We ran together and had a stare off—with a one-way conversation on my part—for what seemed like two minutes before the coyote simply disappeared into the desert and went on its way. It was cool, but surreal!…”

Western Coyote Death Valley

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