“After the pandemic disrupted a thriving scene at Henrietta Hudson, a Manhattan-based “queer human space built by lesbians,” owner Lisa Cannistraci knew she faced a daunting task to reopen — and she wanted to make sure she did it right.
Henrietta Hudson resisted the urge to partially reopen and the bar has remained completely closed throughout the duration of the pandemic. Cannistraci decided to use that time to renovate the place just in time for the queer watering hole’s soft reopening on May 1 and a grand reopening in mid-May.
“It was such a big, heavy lift,” Cannistraci, who uses “they” and “she” pronouns, said as they sat in a workspace near the bar. “We were at the top of our game in 2019. The 12 hours a week when it was the busiest — it’s gone. Essentially, I’m building a business from scratch.”

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