“For a true foodie attending the festival for the first time, arriving at Palm Desert Food & Wine smacks the senses with unadulterated rapture. You’ve heard that a variety of trailblazing restaurants and producers of fine libations will be doling out all sorts of treats, and chefs that you recognize from TV will be slinging their sauté pans in person, onstage. But what first-timers imagine the experience to be never comes close to the real thing.

It starts with the roar of fellow connoisseurs clinking glasses, chatting about the best morsels so far, and plotting their next toothsome stops. Then come the glorious scents of smoked meats, sautéed shallots, and every sweet and savory whiff between. To snap you out of this sensory daze, an usher greets you at the entrance with your very own tasting glass (for keeps). You stroll past vendors in the front area to get the lay of the land, and that’s when you realize just how epic this Grand Tasting is going to be. Let’s hope you came hungry…”

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