“On the surface, Glamour Road (Schiffer Publishing), the new book by writer Jeff Stork and graphic designer Tom Dolle, presents as a hefty, eye-popping volume to sate classic car buffs — page after page of deliciously stylized photography and illustrations as well as vintage advertising that replays the desire, romance, and aspiration of the midcentury era. But alongside the artfully displayed kitsch lies a trenchantly researched account of the seismic effects of design, women, fashion, and advertising on American culture.

“This book has been more than 40 years in the making,” Stork, a private collection manager who also writes for automobile publications, says in Glamour Road’s introduction. “I’ve been accumulating stories for it since childhood.”

Stork and Dolle, both Palm Springs transplants, created the popular Cul de Sac Experience for Modernism Week. They placed a selection of restored classic cars in driveways in the Palmer & Krisel-designed Canyon View Estates neighborhood of South Palm Springs, opened six homes for tours, and hosted a street party with a DJ, go-go dancers, and vintage ice cream truck…”

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