“I like to visit Frank. For years, I’ve made a point, on my way out of town, to swing by Desert Memorial Park and just say hi. Sometimes I don’t even get out of my car. I’ll park in the shade of a wind-swept tree and watch the devotees, men and women, young and old, who pat the sun-scorched grass, present a tribute of a few dimes or maybe a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, and lovingly run their fingers over the etched words on his weathered marker: The Best Is Yet To Come/Francis Albert Sinatra/Beloved Husband & Father.
At least that’s what it used to say. In January, I noticed his gravestone had been changed. It’s all shiny and new now. No more Beloved Husband & Father. And the best, evidently, is not coming. That’s gone too. Now it says Sleep Warm, Poppa…”

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