“Like most local nonprofits, the Palm Springs Cultural Center has learned how to become more creative to stay afloat during the last few years. Camelot Theatres, which the center runs, has not been immune to the many pandemic challenges. But a valiant third act appears to be on the horizon.

“There’s a lot to be excited about now,” says Michael C. Green, Palm Springs Cultural Center’s executive director. “But we have a way to go. After we reopened, there was still a lot of concern among folks about coming back into an indoor venue, especially theater space. One of the things we’ve been doing over the last few years is trying to diversify our programming. Just as COVID hit, we launched, then recently relaunched, our live music program.”

The relatively new endeavor features live music on the second floor lounge every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Special events take place on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. There is no cover charge, and a happy hour menu is offered…”

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