“If you’ve never heard of the “flow arts,” head to Ruth Hardy Park on Saturday, Nov. 5—and prepare to be schooled.

That’s where you’ll find Flagging in the Desert, and a community of performers whose purpose is to spread love, joy, rhythm and fun—while raising money for a local charity. If you’re so inclined, you’ll be encouraged to join in.

Just what are the “flow arts,” you ask? David Eckert, of Desert Flaggers, has your answer.

“The flow arts include flagging, fanning and poi (spinning),” said Eckert.

Flagging was born more than 30 years ago in the gay clubs of San Francisco and beyond. Revelers would wave a towel or handkerchief in time with the music, as a spontaneous celebration of joy. From there, it grew. Groups were formed, and performances moved from the clubs into the streets. Today, there are flagging groups all around the world…”

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