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Nasty Women of the Metropolitan Museum

20feb11:00 am12:15 pmNasty Women of the Metropolitan Museum11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Nasty Women of the Metropolitan Museum

Event Details

  • Gay Desert Guide's Fun & Games Dept. and The MenEvent.com present Nasty Women of the Metropolitan Museum.
  • Come to the Nasty Women tour, and learn about the powerful, ambitious, and intimidating women hanging on the walls of the Metropolitan!
  • Throughout history, there have been nasty women—feisty path-breakers who make themselves heard. And the Met’s walls are full of them, as you’ll find out on the Nasty Women tour!
  • It might seem that the women in the Met are mostly Virgin Marys or bathing beauties. In fact, however, there are powerful and ambitious—even intimidating—women hidden throughout the collection.
  • From an entire gallery dedicated to a female Pharaoh to paintings by and of famous suffragettes, the Met has a surprisingly rich collection of women who ruled, frightened, patronized, and politicked—in short, role models for today’s liberated woman.
  • So come to our fun and informative hour-long Zoom tour, and learn about:
    • the queen who started Egypt’s Valley of the Kings
    • the fertility goddess who preceded Zeus in the Greek world
    •  the female monsters of Ancient Greek mythology
    • the first famous woman painter
    • Marie Antoinette’s “marketing director”
    • an 18th century woman scientist
    • the courtesan who stared down the Jacobins of Revolutionary France
    • the feminism of Mary Cassatt’s paintings
    • the Met’s great suffragette donor
    •  and much more
  • Come learn about woman of the past who persisted—and triumphed—on the Nasty Women of the Metropolitan tour!
  • Andrew Lear is a renowned expert on same-sex relations in Greek and Roman antiquity. During his academic career, he taught at Harvard, Pomona College, and NYU. In recent years, he has founded Oscar Wilde Tours, the LGBTQ history and culture tour company and Shady Ladies Tours, the women's history and culture tour company. He is also working with actor/author Stephen Fry on a podcast about the "Scandals and Secrets of London's National Portrait Gallery."


(Saturday) 11:00 am - 12:15 pm


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