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Dining Out for Life

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Save the Date - Thursday, April 25, 2023 / Please check back for more info

Every year since 2005 — save for 2020 and 2021, when COVID-19 derailed best laid plans — Greater Palm Springs has participated in the annual, one-day-and-night-only national HIV/AIDS foodie fundraiser known as Dining Out For Life on behalf of DAP Health. And on each of those occasions, locals, snowbirds, and even tourists have swelled with pride and come out with a vengeance to raise much-needed funds while enjoying the generosity of participating local restaurants, bars, and bakeries that donate anywhere from 33 to 110% of their entire day and evening’s receipts — not just the profits — to the popular effort.

For the uninitiated, DOFL is a massively popular North American event where, coast to coast each year, per the charity’s website, “more than 50 local HIV service organizations partner with 2,400+ participating restaurants, 4,100+ volunteers, and 300,000+ diners to raise over $4.5 million for people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States and Canada. The best part? All funds raised through a city’s Dining Out For Life event stay in that city to provide help and hope to people living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS.”

Locally last year, 68 desert eateries participated to raise over $209,000. That’s more than San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and most other large urban centers. In fact, truth be told, the desert — with its Indio-Cathedral City-Palm Springs 2022 metro population of 487,000 — came in second only to Denver, whose current population is almost 3 million!

DAP Health wants to throw out a challenge to its beloved desert community. Can we band together to actually beat the Mile-High City and all others and come out on top in 2024? Surely, we can! Here’s all it would take:

Every person who has ever participated in DOFL Greater Palm Springs in the past does so again. But instead of just picking between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, everybody dines out for life at all three meals, plus snacks and happy hour here and there, on April 27. And rather than just paying for their tab, each table of friends or single diner kicks in a little extra and makes a supplemental charitable donation. It doesn’t have to be a lot. No amount is too small, and every dollar matters. All we need is a big enough total to throw us over the edge so that the desert emerges victorious. Imagine the headline: Relatively tiny resort town beats metropolitan giants to take #1 spot in gastronomic philanthropic extravaganza!

So, what do you say? Together, let’s make 2024 a record-breaking year. Let’s make it the year more restaurants take part than ever before. The year more diners dine out for life than ever before. And the first year Palm Springs takes the crown as the number one DOFL market. If that achievement doesn’t create more civic pride than ever before, we don’t know what would.

Please don’t wait! Visit diningoutforlife.com/city/palmsprings, make your reservations well in advance, and prepare to sate your hunger and thirst three times or more on April 27 to raise money for those in need right here at home. And if your favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner spot hasn’t yet made its participation public, speak up and urge the powers that be to sign up today.


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