“Jerry Martin grew up in the San Fernando Valley and bought his first car before he even had a driver’s license. “It was a 1948 Ford Woody,” he says. “I got it for $50. It took me over a year to fix up the car, before I was able to drive it to school for the first time.”

Years later, Martin is still a station wagon man. Not too long after starting El Paseo Cruise Night in 2011, Martin found himself without a vintage car. His wife Judy found just the right one in Texas. “I flew down to Texas, took a look at the car, bought it and shipped it home,” Martin says. “It’s a 1954 Chevy Woody.”

Take a look at the El Paseo Cruise Night website, and you’ll see a drawing of the Woody with a pair of surf boards hanging out the back. “I grew up surfing up and down on the coast, all over California, Mexico, and Hawaii. I was part of the surf scene. It’s never left me. That was the perfect car for me,” Martin says…”

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