“Josiah Gonzalez seems to have been predestined to play the piano. The same goes for his brothers: Vince, who plays bass guitar, and Sam, a drummer. Decades ago, their parents had grand visions of a family band, prophetically deciding which instrument each of their future children would play. Their family was always around music, at home and in church in Indio and Coachella. It seemed natural that the kids would learn to play instruments.

“Our parents had a bit of intuition,” Sam explains. Somehow, each instrument seemed to fit the brothers’ personalities, and their father worked side jobs to pay for their gear and lessons. “Music was always there. That was our exposure. I think our parents saw that and thought, ‘Wow, it would be great for them to have that kind of passion.’ ”

In 2018, after years of jamming, their parents’ long-held dream formally took shape. Avenida Music, which includes the three brothers and drummer Sean Poe, was born. (Another Gonzalez brother, Dennis, plays the saxophone, but not with Avenida.) The group formed as a cover band, but the bandmates also separately write original music…”

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