Vibe Palm Springs

ABOUT Vibe | Desert Organic Dispensary

From a single dispensary in Sacramento to the fastest growing cannabis company in the state, we put community and quality first and foremost.

We believe that sharing and growing our community and educating both our staff and the people who visit us is paramount for the industry.

Vibe Palm Springs

Vibe by California originally started with one dispensary in Sacramento, Alpine Alternative, which formed the foundation of who we were to become.

From our roots providing high quality medicine for our patients stemmed the core need to, not just provide great products, but connect with the people who join our community at a deeper level.

Thanks to awesome people like you, Alpine was a huge success and from there we began to expand into Stockton, Redding, and even across state borders into Oregon.

As our name suggests, we are all about connecting to the different “vibes” of our members, to connect with the needs of each individual.  Whether you are looking to be free of pain, to smoke with friends, or unlock life’s hidden mysteries, we have something for you and you will always have a knowledgeable and friendly bud tender to help guide you.

As we grow, we hope to shine a light around cannabis and show that cannabis use can be healing, wholesome, fun, productive, and even sacred.  Whether the journey takes you inward to healing or on an outward exploration of our world, we are always here to elevate the Vibe.

Vibe Palm Springs