Wild Rose Spa is now spiking the Palm Springs spa scene with its bourbon-infused treatments and body balancing wellness packages. Located in Hotel Zoso, Wild Rose will be providing an intoxicating twist to traditional spa experiences, while maintaining an edgy and luxurious ambiance.

The inspiration behind Wild Rose’s unique vision is derived from a passion for exclusivity and the delivery of a truly unique spa experience where “untamed spirits dance with beauty and balance”. In considering strong and vibrant Palm Springs community and its visitors, Wild Rose has developed a strategy to raise the eyebrows of even the most seasoned spa-goers. Whether it’s the CNN Travel featured bourbon-infused sugar scrub or Aloe Martini Body Wrap, there is an array of intoxicating treatments to promote wellness, vitality and bona fide relaxation.

150 South Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, California 92262