Mission Statement

LGBTQ+ Ride pledges to provide a safe, secure, comfortable form of transportation for the LGBTQ+ Community, Disabled & Our Allies. We provide a work environment that is inclusive and welcoming. We want You & Yours to be You, with no worries, fear, or judgments. We are a pet-friendly company. All Love is Good Love! Be Proud! Be Celebrated!


LGBTQ+ride is Proud to create 1,000’s of jobs for the LGBTQ+ Community & Our Allies! Jobs that can be Careers, with the ability to be Your own boss on your own time, with no worries, discrimination or judgments! Be You! Be Proud!

Dependable Service

 LGBTQ+ Ride prides itself on professionalism and punctuality. Don’t chance it with the others! Let us take the hassle out of your trip. Riding with LGBTQ Ride is like riding with Family!

Trusted Experts

We hand-pick our team of local drivers to ensure you get to where you’re going safely and on time.  Our Drivers are there to make you feel welcomed and comfortable just being You! We guarantee that you will be pleased with your driver’s knowledge of the area and ability to safeguard you on your travels.

Luxury Vehicles

Our top-of-the-line automobiles offer an enjoyable experience. Fine-tuned, clean, and given the care they deserve, every vehicle offers the comfort you deserve. Have a special request? Let us know when you book your reservation; we will happily accommodate you!

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Finally, a Ride Service to service the LGBTQIA+ Community & Allies! We will meet Your needs while making You & Yours feel Comfortable, Secure & Safe! RIDE WITH PRIDE!