Professional Photographic services. Including private and professional portraiture, with a specialty of shooting for theater and live stage productions. In the Coachella Valley, & worldwide.


The widely-acclaimed work of photographer Jim Cox is a unique blend of discipline and creativity, technical expertise and people skills, which all coalesces in his work. .

At the studio in Palm Springs, California, and on international assignment,  Jim captures and reveals his clients at their finest moments. His images reflect the depth, complexity, and singular beauty of each subject.

With decades of diverse experience,  Jim creates personal and professional portraits that encapsulate a split-second of human brilliance and preserve it for posterity. His work is always a collaboration between artist and client – whether photographing an individual, a corporate team and its leaders, or families, couples, and children.

Beyond the unique individuation of his solo portraits, Jim adroitly harnesses the moving magic of live theater ensembles and featured actors. Entertainment professionals proudly display his work in promotional materials and articles published in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, People, Out, Time Magazine, and other international publications. On a motion picture stage, inside a television studio, or in the theater,  Jim consistently demonstrates his ability to capture indelible moments.

Jim spent his early years in the fashion and photography industries where he began honing his professional skills. Working as a model based in Europe,  Jim traveled the globe and collaborated with many of the world’s top photographers. He subsequently moved on to produce fashion shows in Switzerland and the United States; today he holds dual U.S./Swiss citizenship. Always traveling with his own camera,  Jim meticulously observed and learned from the finest photographers in the business and the artisans whose work supports them.

His successful career as a model, and his experience styling wardrobe, make-up and hair, both in front of and behind the lens, gave him valuable insight into what makes a perfect photo. Today, the mastery he acquired is supplemented by state-of-the art equipment and technical skills that allow Jim to create and refine flawless images in a modern digital environment.

Jim’s technological expertise is the perfect complement to his people skills. “Jim has a unique ability to place and style a person in a creative setting,” says one of many prominent clients. “Then he helps them relax to evoke their best features and emotions. Rather than feeling uncomfortable, his subjects enjoy the shoot and love the results.”

 Jim brings a wealth of experience that allows every photo opportunity to exceed even the highest expectation.

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