FreeVolt is a global leader in the renewable energy sector with over 100 offices in 11 different countries. Different than most companies, FreeVolt is a one-stop shop that handles your solar project from creation to installation of its solar modules. FreeVolt manufacturers one of the most efficient solar modules on the market backed up by an industry leading 30 year warranty. FreeVolt’s committed to providing the world with the highest quality products and most professional service under the sun. Our underlying mission at FreeVolt is to educate homeowners and businesses about the ways they can buy power, and to empower them to make decisions that provide the greatest value and most benefit to themselves and their families or organizations.



  • Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bill
  • Financed payments lower than current average electric bill
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit on purchased systems
  • Protect against future utility increases
  • Increases home value


  • Solar reduces the amount of harmful carbon emissions from power plants
  • Solar reduces the use of water in the generation of power
  • Solar is renewable – once a system is installed it will provide decades of power
  • Control

Solar power is your power, on your terms – no matter what your utility does


Did you know that a home with an average bill of $200 a month will pay over a $100,000+ in electricity to power the home for the next 25 years. Solar allows you to significantly cut down these cost by switching over to a more affordable source of clean energy. FreeVolt assess how much energy your house has consumed in the last 12 months and designs a system with the goal to offset up to 100% of that power through solar. With $0 money down and financing options with no credit check, it has never been easier to help your home go green.

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