The Cannabis industry in the Coachella Valley of California is becoming the leader on the overwhelming, positive benefits associated with this unique flower. It’s time for people to get educated. CannaBus Express Tours is the first local 3-hour educational field trip where you get a sneak peek, behind-the-scenes experience of the Cannabis process. Like no other tour…CannaBus Express Tours is exclusive. You will meet cultivators at a grow house, manufacturers at a bakery, and chemists at a lab who will guide and assist you to a happy and wellness lifestyle.

Sit back and enjoy the ride in our luxury non-smoking spacious Mercedes Sprinter Limo. The qualified experts along the way will help to navigate the brands and products that are best suited for each individual’s needs and desires. That said… We will also take you to dispensaries where you will come to understand how to continue to shop on your own pertaining to your specific issue. Learn about the cannabinoids within your body, the difference between CBD and THC, and the benefits of Sativa, Hybrid or Indica strains…just to mention a few. There are products that you can eat or drink and still receive positive results if you don’t like smoking.

At the completion of the tour, we will take you to an upscale lounge where consumption is allowed.

The highly educated CannaBus Tour, the “root to toot” or a play on the industry’s seed to sale, soil to oil nomenclature is a medicinal world that is helping all types of people…whether you are visitors, novice to cannabis, or seasoned 420 goers.