Blue Guardrail is a full-service marketing agency working with businesses and non-profits who are on a mission. Gay owned and operated, BGM continues to grow and serve diverse, philanthropic, and successful businesses. Our Job is to fire-up your marketing voice, define your look, engage with your community, and build a brand-plan that feeds the promise of your product. We provide a broad range of marketing and design related services with a focus on business, community, and civic engagement. We will help position your business as a community leader and leverage the outreach potential of your non-profit relationships, networking organizations, and civic investments. Sole proprietor, contractor, business, or non-profit, we focus on you, not the size of your project. We keep your project within the guardrails of your goals. Developing LGBTQIA+ and diversity integration strategies for your business is our specialty. Authenticity in your marketing is essential to opening and maintaining long-term relationships in this vibrant and economically powerful community.