“As much as East Coasters love giant blanket scarves and NYC oat milk lattes in November, there’s nothing like West Coast sunshine, the clink of desert breeze cocktails, and detoxifying hot springs. Known for being a chill and wonderfully gay getaway (the bubblegum pink Trixie Motel sits at 210 West Stevens Road), Palm Springs has everything from nude boutique resorts to desert oasis trails with mid-century modern architectural views.

The Golden State is fairly progressive, so hunting down unique and eco-friendly eateries, shops, and activities in the Sonoran Desert city isn’t back-breaking work. In fact, according to the CA.gov website, California released “the world’s first plan to achieve net zero carbon pollution” in 2022. The plan aims to achieve carbon neutrality, cut greenhouse gas emissions by 85 percent, and cut oil consumption by 94 percent, all by 2045…”

Greenmatters Things to do Palm Springs

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