“Fashion people don’t always like to admit it, says Keanan Duffty, but many of their most rebellious and scene-shifting looks trace directly to music: The Sex Pistols popularized punk. David Bowie gave us glittery glam rock. Marilyn Manson mainstreamed goth. Kurt Cobain bequeathed grunge. The list goes on.

“Fashion likes to think it’s leading trends, but the industry takes so much from music,” says Duffty, a fashion designer and musician. (He launches a streetwear line next year, and his band, Slinky Vagabond, drops a new album Dec. 6.) “There was a golden age: Before wearing fashion became a revenue stream for musicians, they were getting their friends to make clothes for them, doing stuff that looked like it was from another planet. I always loved the way musicians look, whether it was James Brown in his amazing jumpsuits or Freddie Mercury and all the wild glam.”

Duffty, a Brit who came of age in the punk era, studied at London’s renowned Central Saint Martins and co-authored (with Paul Gorman) the 2009 book Rebel Rebel: Anti-Style. He earns his living through fashion and considers music more of a passion, but one feeds off the other…”

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