“Every LGBTQ person who comes out has a very personal story to tell about the path they followed and the reactions to their revelation. It’s no surprise then that the individuals who participate in the DAP Health Wellness Center’s weekly group “The Coming Out Experience” share some strikingly intimate and heartfelt stories.

“There are four things that I talk a great deal about,” says Steve Rossetti, DAP Health’s Career Development Specialist, who started the group in Fall 2020 and is its facilitator. “Living with shame, living with guilt, feeling less than, and living with fear, because you have to kind of understand why people stay in the closet and why they’re fearful to come out.”

“I think it’s valuable for other people to hear that every time someone comes out it doesn’t necessarily mean hatred or rejection,” he adds. “We want to kind of understand why did Mom and Dad Smith respond so favorably, [while] Mom and Dad Jones responded so negatively? And so we try to understand the whole cornucopia of what precipitates that.”

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