“The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has released its 15th anniversary edition of their Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) and DAP Health is proud to announce that we’ve earned an “LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Top Performer” designation. Among the 906 health care facilities that actively participated in the HEI survey, only 251 earned the Top Performer designation.

The HEI 2022 report states that, “No one facing health concerns should also have to worry about receiving inequitable or substandard care because of their LGBTQ+ status.” And in a press release, Tari Hanneman, Director of Health & Aging at The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), notes that “The Healthcare Equality Index, at its core, strives to ensure LGBTQ+ people are protected and affirmed by their healthcare providers and feel safe seeking services. Our HEI active participants are truly pioneering the healthcare industry by implementing robust, comprehensive LGBTQ+ inclusive policies that hopefully, because of their work, will become standard practice…”

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