Geras Tousignant Gallery is proud to announce Daniel Tousignant has been selected for the fourth time to create another heart in Union Square for the “Hearts in San Francisco Public Art Series”, one of the most widely recognized public art projects in the country.

In February 2019, the hearts will be auctioned at the annual Heroes & Hearts luncheon, with proceeds benefiting life-enhancing programs and initiatives at Zuckerberg San Francisco General, the Heart of our City. ‘Hearts in San Francisco’ artworks combined with Heroes & Hearts proceeds (2004–2018) have raised more than $22 million for the Foundation and nationally recognized programs to enhance the quality of patient care in the areas of women and children’s health, chronic disease management, palliative care, HIV/AIDS, orthopedics, trauma and more. ‘Hearts in San Francisco’ is one of the most widely recognized public art projects in the country. Since the project’s inception in 2004, San Francisco Bay Area artists have created more than 350 Hearts that have gone on display all across the city of San Francisco and beyond.

Daniel Tousignant has donated artwork to the Heroes & Hearts program of The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. The program auctions large, heart-shaped structures to generate funds for the Foundation. Tousignant donated a heart for the 2007 auction which raised $50,000 for the hospital Foundation. Originally on display in San Francisco's Union Square, it is now installed at the corporate headquarters of the Half Moon Bay company that purchased it. Previously, a 'table top' heart painted by Tousignant raised $25,000, and his 2011 heart raised an additional $75,000. The artist is most gratified that his artwork has made such a significant contribution to San Francisco General. This latest Heart will be his fourth Heart for the foundation.

Examples of previous hearts created by Tousignant:


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