“Robert Askins’ Hand to God starts innocently enough. Recent widow Margery (Aleisha Force) is teaching puppetry to three teens in a colorful church basement—but her pupils are less than enthusiastic. Things deteriorate quickly.

Margery’s troubled son, Jason (Luke Wehner), is struggling to deal with the loss of his father. Timothy (Blake Kevin Dwyer) is a sullen, over-sexed bad boy who is lusting after Margery. Bookish, awkward Jessica (Lea Madda) tries valiantly to feign interest in the proceedings.

Then Jason’s puppet, Tyrone, begins blurting out mentions of Jason’s growing attraction to Jessica—in very vulgar terms. Tyrone soon turns his vitriol on the others, even Jason himself. In obscenity-laced diatribes, Tyrone attacks everyone. He seems to be verbalizing the suppressed teenage anger Jason cannot express himself…”

Hand to God CVRep 2023

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