Covid Clinic, one of the first Coronavirus testing clinics to offer 60-minute rapid results on tests for coronavirus 2 (SARS- CoV-2) has expanded their operation to better service travelers who are flying to and from Palm Springs International Airport.

The drive-thru testing site opened January 2 and is located at 3400 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262, in the Park and Call lot off Kirk Douglas Way. Appointment times are from 6:30 a.m. to 8:45 p.m., seven days a week.

Payment for testing is required up front with prices ranging from $145 to $475. Patients with insurance are encouraged to submit their receipt for reimbursement from their insurance company. Doctor referrals are not required.

Covid Clinic has administered over 190,000 tests to date and has 44 drive-thru testing locations in California, Arizona, Nevada. People who want to get tested simply make an appointment at ( to schedule a test. Same day appointments may be available. COVID Clinic is fully compliant, has all necessary county permits on hand, and is operating under California state law. Covid Clinic is a California non-profit public benefit corporation. Patient testing is a key component of care and Covid Clinic takes this role very seriously.

Covid Clinic is proud to be one of the first testing sites to offer the Quidel Corporation Sofia SARS Antigen FIA. This test has received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. Test data suggests this test has specificity of 99% and sensitivity of 96.7%. This test is great for quickly screening individuals for an active COVID-19 infection.

“Many patients are concerned about their current health and whether they’ve been exposed, or currently experiencing symptoms, the 60-minute test gives them peace of mind quickly,” said Dr. Matthew Abinante, DO, MPH, board- certified family physician and Founder & President of Covid Clinic. “And some employers want fast testing results turnaround when someone might have inadvertently exposed other employees in the workplace. It helps companies make informed decisions about which actions to take to limit the spread of the infection”

Additionally, Covid Clinic offers a new testing option; the Rapid COVID-19 + Flu Combo Test. The test is administered by swabbing the outer edge of the nostril a few times, and results are sent by text and email (with the patient’s consent) within 60-minutes.


Q: Can I just show up to a testing site and see if they have availability?
A. No. All testing is by appointment only. Same day appointments may be available, but please sign-up first using the information on this website. Having an appointment first ensures enough staff and testing supplies are available. It also helps reduce the number of errors in the registration process that could lead to delayed test results.

Q. What is the difference between tests?
A. The COVID-19 Test is for those who suspect they may be currently infected with COVID-19 because they are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone confirmed to have COVID-19. The antibody test is for those who don’t currently feel sick but want to find out if they have previously been infected and recovered from COVID-19. Patients may order any combination of tests offered by Covid Clinic.

Q. Where are the tests processed?
A. The rapid COVID-19 test is processed at our testing site and results are typically delivered to the patient within 60 minutes of specimen collection. However, if you decide to take the expedited PCR test, those are processed and sent out to a lab. Depending on the level chosen, results can be delivered the same day or within one business day.

Q. Will the test results be reported to the county health department?
A. Yes, all results will be reported daily to the patient’s county of residence. By law, Covid Clinic is required to report these results.