The 57 organizations that belong to the Community Leadership Council are asked to encourage their members, parishioners, clients, and supporters to reach out and offer to help at least one neighbor experiencing home isolation due to COVID-19. 

The need to assist people affected by the pandemic will get greater every day. We are deeply concerned with those who are sick, disabled, quarantined without pay, elderly, and those who are undocumented. 

A strong sense of community will carry us through this difficult time. Our members have the potential of reaching thousands of neighbors in need.  Our neighbors need us now. 

We understand the community response need will grow in the days and weeks ahead.  We are particularly concerned with keeping our neighbors food secure.  One Member, One Neighbor is an immediate action to engage our social network for immediate good. 



Utilize your organization’s communication network and ask your members who are in the low-risk category and are able to assist to support those in their neighborhood. Think of it as creating micro-community centers by following basic protective measures and do the following: 

  1. Socialization Call – Reach out to one neighbor by telephone, talking over the fence, having a conversation if you are out on a walk, ask how they are doing and offer to assist. 
  2. With an understanding that it may be difficult for some to ask for help, offer to pick up groceries or medicines for neighbors that can’t go to stores.  This includes those who normally pick up food from weekly distribution sources.  Leave items at the front door and minimize exposure to each other. Always practice maintaining 6-foot distance from others. 
  3. Offer to walk their dog and make sure they have the pet food they need. 
  4. Call on the telephone every day to check-in. Give them your telephone number and let them know to call you if they need anything. 
  5. For members who are at risk and sheltering in place, they too can reach out to neighbors by telephone and help prevent a feeling of isolation. 
  6. If you are aware of a self-isolating neighbor who usually picks up food at a weekly food bank distribution, offer to pick up their weekly distribution. Check with the food bank for their procedures for picking up food for others. 


Please be Guided by Public Health Guidelines
As we embark on helping neighbors be reminded of exercising social distancing, use hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, wash hands frequently, and follow all public health guidelines.  


Resources are available in what we call our Virtual Community Center. 

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