A Coachella Valley LGBT Coalition will rally this evening, Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 5PM at Francis Stevens Park (corner Alejo
& Palm Canyon) in Palm Springs. The Rally is being held to show support and solidarity with transgender and gender non-conforming youth and students in response to a recent letter issued by the Trump administration.
Reversing course with the previous administration, the Departments of Education and Justice issued a joint letter to school districts withdrawing guidance for transgender students and their choice of restroom facility with regards to Title IX. The withdrawal signals to districts that this important issue will be left to individual states to decide.
The rally will be hosted by Lisa Middleton, Palm Springs Planning Commissioner, and will feature a variety of transgender and cisgender voices, including: Joanie Spears, Transgender Community Coalition; Anisa Escobedo, Executive Director of Inland Empire Trans Project; Tobi K. Sherman, transgender activist and patient advocate; Geoff Kors, Palm Springs City Councilor; David Lahti, Human Rights Campaign Board of Governors; Miguel Navarro, The LGBT Community Center of the Desert; and others.
Cisgender – A term used to describe persons who are not transgender. “Cis-“ is a Latin prefix meaning “on the same side as,” and is therefore an antonym of “trans-.”
Trans – Persons who were assigned a gender at birth but identify and live as another gender than assigned