““There’s something about this place …”

This phrase echoes from canyon to canyon throughout the desert, generation after generation — a thought that remains unresolved to this day. It refers to a certain something here that is ineffable, intangible, but alive. The whisper of the desert shakes artists and innovators to their core and even empowers them to change the world.

This should hardly come as a surprise. The Cahuilla people, who have traversed this landscape for thousands of years, were themselves industrious and inventive. They cultivated the salubrious hot springs and made tortillas out of mesquite beans. They discerned the elements of their environment, filtered them through an innate lens of industry and enterprise, and the ordinary became extraordinary.

It is a formula that transcends generations and is in the desert’s DNA. In the Coachella Valley, imagination and ambition drive invention and industry…”

Childers Ann Margaret

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