“International Non-Binary People’s Day is this July 14, and it’s all about celebrating! International Non-Binary People’s Day is a time to honor and uplift our incredible non-binary friends from around the globe. Non-binary identities are often misunderstood, and it’s important that there is a strong understanding within the LGBTQ+ community, so that we can better support each other. That’s why days like International Non-Binary People’s Day are so important!

International Non-Binary People’s Day is our chance to learn, grow, and challenge old ways of thinking. It was started by Katje van Loon, and the date was chosen because it falls right in between International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day! It’s our day when non-binary individuals can be true to themselves and be celebrated for who they are! It’s also a time to celebrate non-binary identities and the amazing diversity and inclusion they bring to the LGBTQ+ community…”

Intl Non Binary Peoples Day

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