“A very magical combination of excellence has just occurred in Palm Springs theatre, and even though it’s only for one weekend, I wanted to tip you off to it. The show is Del Shores’ newest play, This Side of Crazy. The magic occurs when this smart script is delivered by four of the Coachella Valley’s finest actresses under the helm of one of the valley’s top directors, Richard Marlow.

The play is set in the home of Ditty Blaylock (Deborah Harmon), the most prolific writer/singer of gospel music in the country. Her oldest daughter, Rachel (Yo Younger) lives with her. We discover that Ditty is scheduled to be honored with a television special by The Gospel Music Network, but she has promised that her three daughters, the Blaylock Sisters, would appear with her. Problem is, the girls can’t stand each other and haven’t been in the same room for years…”

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