Palm Springs Nissan
68177 Kyle Road , Cathedral City, California 92234, US

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Palm Springs Nissan understands the commitment and financial responsibility that comes with purchasing a new vehicle. When buying a new or used car, buyers should be aware of three major components: 1) Customer Service 2) Price 3) Selection.
Many people argue the order of these three, but everyone agrees
that these are the most important factors when choosing your next
vehicle. Abe Razick, General Manager of Palm Springs Nissan
credits these three variables to his unprecedented success at Palm
Springs Nissan. Since November 2009, Palm Springs Nissan has
experienced a 400 percent increase in sales since the store has been under new ownership and a completely new Management and
Sales staff.

It is this staff and their commitment to their customers that
sets Palm Springs apart from the rest. This staff is committed to
making Palm Springs Nissan the number one selling Nissan store
in the county. Some of the people you will run into at Palm Springs
Nissan are originally from Chicago. While they may have the
Chicago swag, they have found a comfort and passion in the
Coachella Valley. Majed and Eddie, the store Sales Managers that
have been working with Abe for over 14 years in Chicago, relocated
their entire families across the country to help take this store to a
new level. These are the guys you see every day; they are here to
greet you, help pour you a cup of coffee, pull your car around for
you or grab you a fan when it gets too hot. They will do anything
to help make your experience the best it can be. After all, you are
making a commitment, financially and emotionally, so it is in their
innate ability to provide the same commitment. And it doesn’t stop
there! Pauly, the Service Director, who has been working with Abe
for over 10 years is here to service you in any way he can. You
need help? He is there for you; just call him up and he will make
sure not only your vehicle is taken care of but you are taken care
of also. Eddie, Majed and Abe are your friends, your partners and
they are here to help you make a decision on a huge component in
your life. There is no way to get to number one without each and
every customer. It is the passion and integrity of this staff who will
treat you with the utmost respect and care as they would their own
families and friends.

In a questionable economy, Palm Springs Nissan has managed
to make numerous investments to ensure that anyone shopping
for a new or used car will receive the most enjoyable car shopping
experience they will ever have. These investments include hiring
hundreds of local Coachella Valley residents, stocking hundreds of
quality new and used cars and completing a newly renovated, state
of the art sales and service facility.

Abraham Razick, General Manager of Palm Springs Nissan, is
a former Marine Corp Sergeant raised in Chicago. As a Marine,
he was trained to uphold the highest standard of integrity. It is
this philosophy that he brought to the Coachella Valley over two
years ago that is the main reason Palm Springs Nissan’s sales have
increased more than 400%.

When asked to Mr. Razick, “How did you do it?” the answer
was clear: Teamwork and Integrity.

Abe Razick: “I have comprised a team from across the United
States that is second to none, a team that is 100 percent committed
to every customer, themselves and their team. Integrity is our
motto and our success is based on ensuring that every customer
is completely satisfied in their buying experience and more
importantly in their owning experience. We never turn our back,
we are always smiling and we will do whatever it takes for you. We
know how to make deals and how to make people happy. We treat
every customer like they are a friend and family to the dealership.
But we know that this isn’t a given. WE HAVE TO EARN IT!
And It’s our goal to make you part of our family, so you, your
family and your friends will buy and service all your cars at Palm
Springs Nissan for many years to come.”

At any given time of the day you can walk into the Palm Springs Nissan showroom and you’ll hear your favorite Reggae, Salsa, Rock and Pop music. It really has that vacation feel when you visit Palm Springs Nissan.

When asked “What’s next for the future of Palm Springs Nissan” Abe simply stated that they take business day by day, offering their best deals while having a common goal for all employees to be the top performing Nissan dealer in all of Southern California.