HOTN Cultivation Company

HOTN Cultivation Company – Our Story

HOTN.CLUB goal has been to set the standard for providing the highest quality product and trained budtenders.  Each budtender is sent to Denver, CO to be CPST certified.  Since obtaining their recreational license, they knew customers would be seeking advice and education on safe consumption and treatments.  They realized that having highly trained budtenders were going to set them apart.

Before opening in 2016 in Cathedral City, their goal was to expand to 3 locations in the Coachella Valley.  As one of six dispensaries awarded in Palm Desert, they plan to open early September.  Currently they are in consideration for a Coachella Valley location very soon.

The founding partners were both medical patients and business professionals, and each one was gravely fascinated and passionate about the health benefits attributed to the cannabis plant. As one founder suffered from back pain, while the other dealt with PTSD (Veteran partner), they held one commonality: their love for cannabis; that beautiful miracle plant that aids with numerous ailments and bestows the peace to overcome the many nuisances of everyday life. That’s the passion integrated in HOTN Cultivation Co.—to provide better living.

From up and down the California coast, to countless other states that medically provided their beloved cannabis with sanctuary, the founders ventured and explored many different cannabis establishments. Getting answers and products that they wanted proved to be frustrating more times than not, and a lack of quality customer service reigned prevalent; poor service almost seemed standard!

Founders both began humbly delivering to patients in need of medicine. After some time, they built a small boutique store that provided a one on one experience and were eventually fortunate to receive a permit from the City of Cathedral City to cater to the beautiful Coachella Valley.

HOTN Cultivation Co.’s passion to bring you quality cannabis products (premium cannabis, tested, pesticide free, herbicide free, single source, premium organic sources, vegan, vegetarian, credible sources, the list goes on) is something that they prominently standby. HOTN offers cannabis advocates a knowledgeable and friendly staff; each bright individual CPST certified to handle and recommend cannabis products. HOTN also takes pride in offering a clean, safe, and convenient environment for all cannabis pioneers.

The founding partners and budtenders understand the Coachella Valley community, and they are strongly dedicated to bringing a 5-star retail experience—as well as something special—that exclusively caters to Coachella locals and visitors.

HOTN Cultivation Co. has stepped it up a notch in the cannabis world; all you got to do is see for yourself.



HOTN CULTIVATION COMPANY |  Opening mid-September | 78010 Country Club Dr, Ste 100-200 Palm Desert, CA 92211  |  HOTN.CLUB

HOTN CULTIVATION COMPANY  |  TBD  |  Coachella : 1694 6th street Coachella, CA 92236  |  HOTN.CLUB