“I like to go to bars with no more complicated purpose than ordering a well-crafted drink and enjoying it in peace. I don’t go to eat and don’t want to sit next to patrons who are munching their way through anything more complex than mixed peanuts. I like a good music mix, preferably mellow jazz or blues. I don’t want to be assaulted by music. Because I sit at the bar, I appreciate a well-designed bar back with artfully arranged bottles, but not a towering mass or too few so that I’m staring at myself in a mirror. I like smaller, intimate bars with low lighting accented by a few area lights. Although in no way a monk or immune, I don’t go to bars with the intention of hooking up. Likewise, I won’t go to a bar where there’s a chance a bachelorette party will descend, harshing the buzz with their artificial hilarity and rube fashions. I like attentive bartenders who know their trade and don’t think they’re living an episode of Cheers. I don’t go to bars to party. I go to bars to relax and daydream a bit and savor a drink…”

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