“I think we can all agree that 2022 has been a really weird year.

It started off with the worst COVID-19 spike yet in terms of cases, thanks to the omicron variant. The supply-chain issues we all dealt with in 2021 continued into 2022—joined by the scourge of record inflation. We watched in horror as Russia invaded Ukraine, and the U.S. Supreme Court apparently decided that legal precedent isn’t important anymore, overturning Roe vs. Wade. At times, it seemed like our democracy itself was at stake—but then election-deniers did poorly in the 2022 election, giving people who believe in facts and truth a glimmer of hope.

Despite all of this weirdness, the Coachella Valley’s businesses, professionals and organizations kept on keeping on.

The best of these businesses, professionals and organizations are listed on the coming pages, because they were selected by you, dear readers. I’d like to congratulate all of this year’s Best of Coachella Valley winners and finalists—and thank them for making this such an amazing place to call home…”

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