Wendy Rall Canine Therapy July 2021

by Wendy Rall, CMFT
“I wanted to share the many benefits of Canine Massage Therapy with you. I’m excited and very fulfilled with the results that I am seeing in my patients, especially the seniors. I have senior patients who could hardly walk when I met them, and their progress is amazing!
Just as a massage is healing to our own bodies, a massage is also healing to your pup! I’ve heard people say they thought it was just a “feel-good thing” for the dog or a nice birthday present, and although that’s true it’s so much more, it is therapy.
The number of treatments required varies on the condition of each dog. I have a senior patient (Fred) who pulled a muscle jumping. His father thought he might need to send him to the “Rainbow Bridge” because it was so bad. A client of mine referred him to me and it took many months of weekly therapy sessions but he has improved! When his walk progressed we reduced his treatments to once a month. Just last week I treated him and he was running! (videos to post soon!)…”

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