“We’ve already experienced the hottest June ever and triple-digit temperatures are not going anywhere for a couple of more months. Maybe more. However, the early morning hours offer a window of opportunity to escape the intense heat of the day, get busy, get active, experience some attractions, or go shopping. We’ve put together this handy things to do list to get you started. If you have some ideas to share, comment on the Palm Springs Life Facebook page.
When people query us about what it’s like to live in this type of heat, we compare it to winter back east. The difference is we don’t have anything to shovel, and there are opportunities to go out and enjoy the desert lifestyle before the heat intensifies or after the sun sets. You don’t have to stay inside like you would if the day’s temperatures were 20 degrees or colder. With that in mind, remember why you moved here, get out, and get busy…”

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