“The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the bizarre 1975 musical-comedy-horror movie based on The Rocky Horror Show musical, today is not only considered a classic; it spawned a whole new form of acting/performance, called the “shadow cast.”

A shadow cast is a group of actors who perform, in costume, an entire movie live—while that movie plays in the background. Some of these Rocky Horror shadow casts are now getting help from one of the movie’s stars: Barry Bostwick, aka Brad Majors, is now starring in “The 47th Anniversary Spectacular Show” tour, coming to The Show at the Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage on Friday, Oct. 7. The event will feature a costume contest, some words by Bostwick, and, of course, a shadow cast performing as The Rocky Horror Picture Show plays.

“This is a huge party,” Bostwick said during a recent phone interview. “In fact, my character, Brad, says in the beginning of the movie, ‘It’s just a party, Janet,’ when we walk into the castle. That’s been my attitude about this little tour thing we do—just creating an atmosphere for a huge party…”

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