“Every few years, when heavy winter rains give way to thick fields of wildflowers across the Coachella Valley, an equally colorful show unfolds across the sky: millions of Painted Lady butterflies all aflutter, traveling north from Mexico during their annual migration. While passing through, many of the orange-winged creatures lay eggs, which, after a series of transformations, become butterflies themselves, completing one of the most miraculous life cycles in nature: metamorphosis.

Mixed-media artist Chris Cozen, an Artists Council member for five years, recently joined the board of directors to help support opporunities for local artists to exhibit their work to a broader audience.

Deserts, with their surprise superblooms and magical light, are prime spots for metamorphoses of the biological and creative kind — and what better theme for the Artists Council’s inaugural exhibition as an independent nonprofit organization than one that centers on the idea of growth and change? For more than 50 years, the group operated under the Palm Springs Art Museum, promoting Coachella Valley artists and their art through exhibitions, professional development, and community engagement. Its separation from the museum in November 2018 gave it an unexpected opportunity to grow in ways that members never thought possible, like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, reborn and wings at the ready…”

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