“The modern age has brought many technological wonders. But for mental health, technology can also be very harmful. Studies have shown that Instagram, for example, can exacerbate issues tied to anxiety, self-esteem, and body image. And while dating and hookup apps have created new ways of connecting within the LGBTQ+ community, they can also feel dehumanizing and alienating for many users.

In short, the digital social landscape can be a volatile one, particularly in a post-COVID world that cut off many vulnerable folks from their support networks. To navigate this terrain, Out consulted with the experts at Unitē, an app that “bridges the gap between self-help and therapy through the curation of content and community,” says founder Bryan Kosarek. Unitē offers resources and advice from wellness experts while also creating a forum for bringing LGBTQ+ folks together. Surprise, surprise: Our greatest resource for finding better mental health is one another.

Below, see what the experts say about seeking queer connection (and help) through tech. And learn more at TheUniteApp.com…”

LGBTQ App Anxiety

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