“The Sonoran Desert—it sounds alluring. And, it is. The Coachella Valley lies in this vast sandy desert, bordered by the San Jacinto, Little San Bernardino, and Santa Rosa Mountains. It’s home to the beloved city of Palm Springs, along with eight other cities in a sort of cascade of cool mid-century design and towering palm trees. Many little oases lie hidden, too, in the form of boutique hotels and resorts with truly awe-inspiring aesthetics.

This, along with the incomparable weather, beautiful landscapes and art, reputation for exceptional dining and drinking, and vibrant, inclusive party scene (not only during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, but year-round) make it pretty epic as wedding locations go. Because of the amazing number of hotel and private properties that hold events, it’s almost guaranteed there’s a vibe that speaks to every couple. And, there’s plenty to do for rehearsal dinners and day-after brunches, too.

Here, a curated selection of the best wedding venues in greater Palm Springs…”

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