“It’s an unusually gray day in Palm Springs when I turn onto Stevens Road, but the Trixie Motel emerges from the clouds, its hue of bubblegum pink impossible to miss. My friend and I are here to tour the hotel for the day, and its bright wraparound wall culminates in a golden sun that beams in the face of any impending raindrops. Walking past the retro white-and-pink motel sign peeking over the hedge, it’s clear that owner and drag queen Trixie Mattel, her partner David Silver, and designer Dani Dazey have manifested her essence onto the entire building. It’s a Barbie-inspired, 1960s Americana aesthetic reimagined for the 21st century, as much a feast for the eyes as the iPhone.

In the short time it’s existed, visiting the Trixie Motel has become an experience that’s quintessentially Palm Springs — after all, the city is a destination beloved for its mid century modern architecture and retro design. “Trixie Motel and Palm Springs have a lot in common, right? They’re super Americana, super California, kind of frozen in time,” Trixie says when we talk on the phone. With successful runs on RuPaul’s Drag Race (including a win on All-Stars Season 3), her Trixie Cosmetics makeup line, music albums, and so much more, Trixie has built a brand around her name and her aesthetic…”

Trixie Motel Interior

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