“This is probably not the way the American Documentary and Animation Film Festival wanted to mark its 10th year in Palm Springs. Instead of a darkened theater bonding an audience through the art of film, the festival is again connecting virtually — whether it’s at home, on a device, or at a drive-in movie.
And yet the spirit of the festival remains intact — celebrating film.
Starting March 26 through April 4, viewers can begin streaming more than 250 documentaries and animation films using the festival’s platform, DocsNow+. For a one-year subscription fee of $35.88, viewers will not only have access to the entire festival lineup through April 4, but going forward they can tap into a library of films offered through DocsNow+.
Palm Springs Life spoke with festival director Teddy Grouya about the pandemic’s influence, and what films viewers should mark as must-see…”

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