“With its annual Info-a-Go-Go spread over 2 days, you can discover even virtually the broad range of programs available to the community.

The LGBTQ Center in Palm Springs will show 20 ways in which its programming reaches out beyond the brick and mortar building on Palm Canyon Drive and into your home during a two-day virtual Info-A-Go-Go., Jan. 26-27.

And 20 programs only begins to scratch the surface of what The Center offers. During the 90-minute Zoom format each day, participants will learn about programs ranging from wellness, sports, entertainment, religion, and a variety of support groups. The pandemic was not about to stop The Center from conducting what would normally draw more than 500 people.

“We decided that we wanted to keep it in our community’s minds this year, whether it was smaller, or whether it worked or not, we were still going to persevere and try this new format,” says Candice Nichols, director of programs. “It’s really a place where these organizations that don’t get a lot of marketing, or a lot of play out there, can really showcase the opportunities they have for the community.”

Nichols chats with Palm Springs Life further about Info-a-Go-Go…”

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