“With the recently-announced Oscar nominations earlier this month, we were reminded once again how rare it is for the Academy to nominate queer actors. While both Kristen Stewart (for Spencer) and Ariana DeBose (for West Side Story) were nominated, making for the first time two out actors have been nominated in the same year, no out gay male actors were nominated at all, despite some stellar performances.

In fact, it’s been twenty years since an out male actor was nominated for an acting Oscar, the last one being Ian McKellan’s Best Supporting Actor nod in 2002 for Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. An out gay male actor has yet to win an acting Oscar — and we think that needs to change.

Many of today’s best actors are gay, and they deserve the roles and the attention that can get them nominations, and wins. Here are 11 gay male actors we think deserve an Oscar in the years to come…”

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