“The compilers of “Top 10” lists, “Best of the Year,” etc. can try to take the high road and explain that their choices are based on a variety of extremely rational-sounding criteria. But, let’s face it, creating a Top 10 list is a highly subjective endeavor. A roundup of the best films in any genre can be held up as a prime example. Just think about movie reviews. How many times have you read a glowing appreciation of a film by one critic, only to find another reviewer has a slightly less effusive opinion?

Despite these hurdles, we’re presenting our list of the Top 10 movies about HIV and AIDS. While some of these films were released years ago, their impact has not diminished. They serve as a measure of how far we’ve come in the battle against HIV and AIDS. But they also remind us that there’s still work to be done to end the AIDS crisis…”

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